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Female Apologists Needed!

Last year when I went to the National Apologetics Conference I felt a stirring. This year when I went, I wasn't just stirred again, I was shaken!

I had the privilege of attending the Women's Pre-Conference to this event. I was intrigued by a class about "Jesus Feminists." I had to go.  Since that time, I cannot stop thinking about this concept--Jesus Feminists or Christian Feminists. Can women be feminists and be Christian? What a great question!

This year I had the honor of teaching conflict resolution at the Ratio Christi Symposium and Retreat.  I love teaching. Have I mentioned I love teaching? I love teaching!!!

This stirring or shaking has given me much to ponder. Someone should lead this discussion.

Resolving Marital Conflict

More training in helping married couples resolve conflict. Delighted my friend Marla could join me. We had a blast connecting with other Iowa peacemakers.

Opening Soon!

I am thrilled to announce that John and I have recently acquired this beautiful building in Panora, IA for our office space.  On the lower level will be Stewart Law & Mediation, PLLC. On the upper level will be Ratio Christi International.

Stay tuned for Grand Opening information...

Teaching Peacemaking in West Africa

Sometimes opportunities come and you just can't say no.

On our last trip to West Africa, John and I met with a few Christian lawyers. They were very interested in the teaching I do on conflict resolution. The Christian lawyers in this town have a heart to start a mediation center. They asked if I would come and teach. This area has a history of heavy religious persecution, so the need was real and urgent.

When John & I returned the following year to teach, I had hoped for maybe 20 students. However, the interest grew. We were informed we should expect over 100 lawyers, judges, and other leaders in the community. We packed 6 suitcases to take with us, 4 filled with books and other teaching materials.

Thankfully they all arrived, despite cancelled flights, long delays, rerouting flights, and one suitcase temporarily missing.

Words cannot begin to describe this teaching opportunity. What do you say when a woman tells you story of bringing someone into her home to help flee from a…