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Human Rights & Christianity: How a Biblical View of Man Resolves the Question of Human Rights

Hardly a day goes by that an example of human atrocity isn’t making the news. Christians are tortured and murdered.[i] Hundreds of women and girls are kidnapped and raped by terrorists.[ii] A celebrity is found guilty of fatal domestic violence.[iii] Another human trafficking ring is busted.[iv] These kinds of reports shock and appall us, as well they should. Left with a vexing queasiness, we question why these horrific events happen and wonder if there is a solution to the problem of Human Rights violations. We feel like something should be done. To find an answer to the Human Rights problem, we must understand what are Human Rights and where they come from. This paper will take a look at the traditional view of Human Rights, compare different worldviews on Human Rights, and conclude that a biblical worldview of man and the Gospel message are the best approach to the Human Rights issue and a solution to the problem.

Traditional View of Human Rights
The dreadfulness of the Holocaust was…