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Peacemaking in Kenya

Our dear friends, Pastor Sammy and his wife Anne, invited me to teach at their new church plant in Kitengela, just outside Nairobi, Kenya. It is a quickly growing church. The building already has a roof!
It was an amazing three days! I thank God for the opportunity to teach biblical peacemaking at a three-day women’s conference in Kitengela, Kenya. While the drive there and back each day was an enormous challenge (taking between 2-3 hours to drive there and then about 2 hours back—EACH DAY!), it was a blessing to teach conflict resolution to eager learners.
The week after the conference, Anne told me that the women from the conference were already applying the peacemaking skills they learned. Apparently two women who attended the conference were in conflict with other, but they reconciled their differences!Others reported reconciling with their neighbors and co-workers. What a privilege to pass along what I have learned. May God be glorified!