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Universities--a marketplace for only CERTAIN ideas

Earlier this month I wrote a letter to the editor of Chapman University's student run newspaper, responding to previous articles printed by my alma mater about the gay marriage issue generally, and Professor John Eastman's appointment to National Organization for Marriage specifically. All the articles were from one perspective--in favor of same sex marriage. This was incredibly ironic seeing as how the editors boasted the university was a marketplace where ideas and views could be discussed and debated. Conveniently they had forgotten to print the other "side" of the gay marriage issue. I took them to task. Below is my letter, "edited" of course by the editors. Notice the title-- "Re: 'Gay marriage can be love story, too'." I had a different title for my letter. They made up this title to "control the debate." Interesting. As they say, "He who frames the question controls the debate..."

The Panther Online Re: “Gay…

Conflict Resolution Training

Conflict is all around us, and even in us. Would you like to know how you can have God's peace in your life? Come find out this Wednesday night at "Life Streams." Last week, Pastor Tae Shin began a short three weeks series on Conflict Resolution. I had the privilege of joining him and Pastor Don Barkely in a panel discussion with the audience about sources of conflict.

I'll be joining the pastors for the next two weeks as we discuss styles of conflict and forgiveness & moving on.

Come join us for a delicious dinner and stimulating topic discussion. Check out the Life Streams website for more info for location and time.