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The Jesus Myth: Don't Believe Everything You Read

Was Jesus of Nazareth a real person or just a myth? Most experts agree that Jesus existed as a real person.[i] However, despite the overwhelming evidence supporting a historical Jesus, the Jesus Myth theory—which claims Jesus never existed, or if he did, he didn’t have anything to do with Christianity[ii]—has a growing number of followers due to widespread advancement of these ideas through the Internet.[iii] I first encountered the Jesus Myth theory as a university student in 1984 in a history of Western Civilization textbook; it shook my faith and caused me to walk away from the church for a number of years. We shouldn’t necessarily believe everything we read, but instead should test dubious notions like this one. To test the notion that Jesus of Nazareth wasn’t a real person, one can examine a wealth of ancient, non-Christian documents regarding Jesus and Christianity. Historian Gary Habermas investigated seventeen such sources regarding the Jesus of history.[iv] Although some evid…

Dumb Blondes and Dumb Lawyers

Growing up blonde had some advantages and disadvantages. One disadvantage is suffering through one dumb blonde joke after another. Then after I became an attorney, I endured one silly lawyer joke after another. My daughter, Megan, loved to tease me with the double whammy--dumb blonde/dumb lawyer jokes.

I wonder just how many women are treated like they are dumb blondes, regardless of their hair color. Or just as bad, I wonder how many women hold this view of themselves. Sadly many girls grow up thinking that their looks are more important than their minds.

But guess what I discovered?

Women (and men) are created in the image of God!

And my God is smart. In fact, Jesus is the smartest man who ever lived. (Yes I ripped off this idea from the brilliant Dallas Willard.) So let's not fool ourselves, ladies, into thinking our minds don't matter. We were created to be smart.

Jesus said, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strengt…