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Apologetics in Indonesia

There is a common language among both believers and non-believers, and that language is Human Rights. Something stirs deeply in us when we watch the news or read headlines about public beheadings, girls taken captive in sexual slavery, or other horrible events. We know deep in our hearts that these things are WRONG. But why? Why do we care about Human Rights? What gives human beings value and dignity?

Interestingly, today Human Rights advocates influenced by post-modern, atheistic, philosophical teaching have no explanation for "why" Human Right are important. Many such scholars have publicly abandoned the conversation. But Christianity is the only worldview that can make sense of this "Why" question. What gives human beings value and dignity is that we were created by God in His image because He loves us.

How do we know our value? Value can be determined by what a buyer is willing to pay for something. Christianity teaches that God purchased us with the blood of …