Women Teaching Apologetics: Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling

So the story begins with a young woman who marries a young man. On their first Easter together, they decide to cook a ham. The wife asks her husband if he will cut off the ham bone before she bakes it. When the husband asks “Why,” the wife replies, “That’s the way my mother cooked ham.” The husband suggests they should call her mother to find out why she cut the ham bone. When his mother-in-law answers the phone, she informs them, “That’s just the way my mother used to cook the ham.” Next, the husband suggests they call grandmother to find out why she cut the ham bone. When grandmother answers, she explains that her ham was too big for the pan, so she always had to cut off the bone to make it fit. After they hang up, the young husband and wife realize their ham will fit into the pan. Therefore, there is no reason to cut off the ham bone.  The moral of the story is that some “traditions” may have originated to solve a unique problem for a given situation, but were never meant to be pass…

4th Annual Intelligent Faith Conference

John and I had the privilege of hosting the 4th Annual Intelligent Faith conference held in Cedar Rapids, Iowa by Serve the City. 
Keynote speakers were Dr. Sean McDowell and Mark Mittelberg. 
John and I both served as break-out session speakers. 
Check out the Ratio Christi crew! 

Imago Dei

What a blessing to be invited to be on Ratio Christ's Truth Matters TV show to discuss Imago Dei, being made in the image of God. Thank you Tony Gurule!

If you missed it, you can catch the video recordings here:
Ryan Pauly on "Human Value and the Image of God."
Laurie Stewart on "In the Image of God."
Ken Samples on "Imago Dei: A Divine Reflection."

Women in Apologetics Conference "Take Aways"

My dear friend Lisa Quintana (we call her "Lisa Q") captured this spectacular event beautifully in her blog post. All I can say is that it was a mountain top experience. I am so grateful for Biola for hosting this conference and for their generous support, especially Craig Hazen! And I am forever thankful for the amazing women to helped make this dream a reality--truly an answered prayer. Read Lisa Q's article here. 

Mark your calendar for the next Women in Apologetics Conference at Biola University, January 11-12, 2019. See you there!

Important Trends in 2018: Women in Apologetics

Dr. Sean McDowell, my professor in the M.A. Christian Apologetics program at Biola University, recently interviewed good friend and fellow female apologist Marilyn Tyner about the growing number of women interested in apologetics. He says:

"In 2018, I am planning to use my blog to highlight some important trends in the wider culture and specifically in the world of apologetics. One important trend, that I thought would be important to start the year with, is the explosion of interest in apologetics among women. Marilyn Tyneris on the front lines of this movement. She recently answered some of my questions about this new trend, the upcoming 'Women in Apologetics' conference at Biola, and her personal ministry. Enjoy!"

Read the entire article here! 

Join the movement of Women in Apologetics!! It is a species of evangelism and discipleship!

Women in Apologetics on TV!!

Ratio Christi TV's Tony Gurule graciously interviewed us for the upcoming Women in Apologetics conference at Biola. Thanks Tony!!

If you missed it, you can catch the video recordings here:
Jade Turner on "Defending the Faith." 
Laurie Stewart on "Love God with All Your Mind."
Mary Jo Sharp on "Apologetics as Lifelong Discipleship and Evangelism."

Waking Up in Jerez, Spain

[Composed by John Stewart]

“Evangelism”—The practice of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ
“Evangelist”—A person who proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ

As the sun rose this morning over the Andalusian Hills, after a good night’s sleep from a long journey, we are feeling refreshed and blessed to be in Spain to speak at a conference on evangelism.

Our friend Tim Robnett, who spent years with well-known evangelist Luis Palau (known as “the South American Billy Graham”), organized the conference and invited Laurie and me to speak. The conference consists of European and American evangelists, with people coming from as far away as Poland.

For us, this will be not only a time to teach and train Christian leaders, but to also find out about other ministries and see how we can come along side them, especially to help them reach university students and professionals with the Gospel. We also look forward to learning from their experiences so that we can develop the most effective methods of p…