THESIS: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Women, Religion & the Law

Abstract: Protecting women from violence and discrimination is a hot topic. The feminist movement claims to address these issues in its fight for women’s rights.  However, without knowing the true source for women’s rights—or human rights—communities will fail to accurately diagnose the problem and to effectively provide a solution. I propose to compare four major worldviews and their impact on laws regarding the treatment of women in order to convince the reader that Christianity offers the best treatment of women. First, I will define women’s rights in the context of defining human rights. Next, I will compare laws pertaining to women’s rights through the lens of the following major competing worldviews: Islam (i.e. Saudi Arabia), Hinduism (India), Atheism (i.e. China), and Christianity (United States).  Finally, I will demonstrate that all non-Christian worldviews create extreme problems for so-called women’s rights, and that biblical Christianity is the only worldview that offers the best hope for recognizing the value, dignity, worth and equality of women. Moreover, I will conclude that this is an important topic for apologetics in providing a defense that Christianity does not oppress women, but has the best answers for ending violence and discrimination against women. 

Read my thesis here.


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